Find a professional photographer in North Las Vegas

Need a photographer? We’ve got you covered. No matter what your project, we’ve got some of the best options for professional photographers in North Las Vegas for you.

Kim Photography:

Kim Photography is a Las Vegas wedding photography and corporate headshots company specializing in engagement, weddings, events. She provides services for Henderson and North Las Vegas’s Strip area and other areas around residential neighbourhoods.

Ultrastar Event productions:

Let UltraStar Event Productions take care of everything so you and all those attending the event will have fun. They’ve been in business for ten years now, serving their customers with excellent service. Their services range from Weddings to Private Parties as well as Corporate Events.

UltraStar Event Productions is an OC-based company providing quality events catering primarily towards different types of private functions such as weddings or parties. They offer various amenities ranging from planning & organizing activities at these gatherings, proper setup and clean-up, and many other features that ensure their clients enjoy themselves while not having anything else on their plates.

Red Valley Media Group:

Red Valley Media Group is a company that specializes in bringing products, companies, and individuality to life. Red Valley offers solutions through various mediums such as audio and video production, photography, PR/marketing services (e.g., press releases). With experience ranging from public events like trade shows or private ones like corporate events or portfolio spreads for individuals, the firm has worked on creating videos of realty properties with good perspectives to capture how they look best at their finest moments!

Pure Touch Photography:

They are a family-owned and operated studio for professional photography in North Las Vegas. Their extensive experience with state-of-the-art equipment ensures your photos will be vibrant, detailed, and beautiful! They offer many products such as downloadable image files or custom photo albums for you to choose from after their session together.

Along with using the latest technology results in gorgeous images! Once they have taken pictures of you at our studio, they use post-processing techniques on them, so they come out amazing. In addition to this excellent service that comes standard when working with them, there is also an abundance of other choices available upon request: Online options (such as downloading digital copies) or physical ones.

Montgomery Media Productions:

Montgomery Media Productions has been providing high-quality video content for a variety of clients. Their company is known to construct quality projects while exceeding client expectations, and they do this by using the right tools on an individual basis. They offer videography and editing services perfect for promotional videos, TV commercials, infomercials, conferences, and seminars. Their extensive experience in the industry ensures your satisfaction and guarantee of professional photography in North Las Vegas.

They provide high-quality video production equipment so that their clients can gain access to every moment of their events or performances. Whether it’s live music or even virtual tours, they’ve got everything covered from start to finish! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Keep some extraordinary photographs and memorable albums stored in your cupboards with the hiring of some of the best services of professional photography in North Las Vegas.


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