Great Nature Photography Ideas For Home

Photography has no boundaries. One can also show his/her photography skills even at home or in the locality. There is a misconception that amazing nature photography requires exotic locations. But the truth is one can even click great pictures at home or in the locality. This article covers some of the most ground-breaking nature photoshoot ideas.

Unique nature photoshoot ideas

1.      Butterflies & beasties- When it comes to nature photography in the garden or nearby locality, butterflies can never be ignored. During spring, butterflies, dragon flies and other beasties are often buzzing around in the garden and ponds. This is the time to show skills as a macro photographer. One might not always require an expensive macro lens, rather close-up filters can do the job equally.  

2.      Search for some pond residents- Ponds are a home to several beautiful species. There is endless inspiration one can gather from a pond area, starting from swans, pond flowers, bushes, birds and many more, the objects of photography are endless.

3.      Explore the garden- If one is lucky enough to have a garden in the backyard, one’s nature photoshoot ideas can go to next level. Flowers & leaves are one of the first thig that pops up in mind when looking for subjects in a garden. One can play a lot of with the macro lens and capture flowers of different color, texture and shapes. Adding few drops of water on the leaves and flowers can enhance the beauty of the photographs. One can also experiment with different lightings & weather conditions. For instance backlight on leaves would create a 3-dimensional and luminous effects as one can also capture the details of the veins.

4.      Post rain photography- Nature should always be explored after rain. Raindrops are super fascinating. Photographing raindrops from different angles and lighting conditions can create some great photographs. While capturing droplets, isolate them by making the background remain uncluttered. By using wide aperture the photographer needs to make sure that the background is blurred.

5.      Look for gigantic trees- Photographing a large tree by lying on the ground with a 35mm lens can be a great nature photoshoot idea. Especially during the autumn when the leaves turn golden or reddish, clicking a picture of the branches and leaves above with the blue sky behind it by lying down can create a fascinating frame.

6.      Black & white beauty- When it comes to nature people often think of bright colors. But nature offers several subjects that have unique textures and shapes.  One can look for such unique textured and shaped subjects and click black & white pictures of it. Some interesting black & white subjects to look for are smooth pebbles, snail shells, rough bark, acorns, pine cones and big seeds. One needs to try strong and directional lighting with a high contrasting edit.


One just needs to have a photographer’s eye to find out the beauty of nature around. Try out the above-mentioned nature photoshoot ideas and capture some of the most fascinating frames one can ever imagine.

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