How Is Product Photography Directly Related To SEO? Let’s Discuss

While customers are no longer visiting stores to buy services, the businessmen are no longer required to reach their consumers to advertise. To counter such a situation, you must consider product photography that will showcase your services and products online.

Folks at Drew Doyon dominate the Los Angeles product photography circuit due to its unique projection of the eCommerce industry in the upcoming decade. While they provide the best in class product photography services in town, they make sure to understand your target audience and your business.

The Method

The whole point of SEO is to bring the interested audience to your website to check out your content and services, eventually resulting in sales. In other ways, optimizing the product media images can help you gain good traffic.

Proper Naming: You cannot expect the search engines to send interested customers to your websites with product images named “image01.jpg” You must title your product images appropriately, with details and relevance. However, creating too long file names and stuffing them with keywords is a strict no-no, as they negatively affect your Search Engine Results Page rankings.

Alternative Text: Search meta-engines like google are not matured enough to distinguish between images or pick them instantly. Hence they much rely on file names and alternative texts. The alternative texts help in describing the pictures to Google for smart identification.

Image Format: Selecting the right image format can also contribute enormously to driving traffic to your portal. It would be best to use the JPEG file type for your product images to allow a high-quality photo preview with smaller file size. If you go for heavier fie types instead, your website will take significant page load time, which can negatively hamper your ranking.

Helping the SEO

From a business runner’s point of view, you must recognize the significant benefits of product photography, and it’s helping businesses thrive in the market. It directly affects your website SEO plans as well. SEO (search engine optimization) can effectively help you meet more visitors on your website, build B2C relationships with them, and, most importantly, earn the customers’ trust.

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