Strategies to make Good Videography for the Wedding

In order to build a career in wedding photography and videography, there is a certain skill set in which the expert needs to be well versed. While there is quite a demand for wedding videography California experts, those who want to get more clients can follow some easy tips to get chosen. Practice can make things always better for the next shoot. But this does not mean, that new technologies and tricks should not be learned. Rather, exploring new ideas is a part of videography. Here are some wonderful ideas that always can work to give the client refined wedding videography they must have not imagined.

Know the right style to capture audio:

While taking video, audio is equally important if the whole video will not have any songs in playback. The quality of the audio can break the whole video or simply make it successful. When capturing the video, audio of taking the vows, speeches, and letters needs to be well captivated. Most of the wedding videography California experts don’t really consider this as an important aspect. But if the annoying rustle noise or clothing sound is covered, it would disturb the viewers. For this, purchase good zoom microphones and wireless microphones that would make sure the whole audio is captured clearly.

Create a scene with still shots

As the camera captures the movement, the camera pan should be avoided. It may work well for news but when it comes to wedding videography, there are different tricks. If the pan is captured, then set the scene with still shots and which are wide. It is best while covering the venue in a much pretty and soft manner and more of a cinematic shot. It is also important to ensure that camera is stable on the tripod that is being used so the footage is smoother. In order to make their own movement, sliders can be better supported.

Using a “B-Camera”

If there are not many of the cameras while capturing the video then probably, a B camera is advised. It can help to get wide shots while taking the ceremony. This way focus on the bride and groom will also not get lost. During receptions, the focus of the B camera on the speakers should be established. It would help to get a close-up reaction from the groom and bride and also the audience who is sitting in the VIP section.

These are just a few things to be considered but beyond this while approaching the client with a service, it is important to clearly tell what will be offered. This way clients would have clarity on what they are buying


With the competition amongst the experts of wedding videography in California having increased so much, it is important to set the right expectation with the client. Both parties should have clarity on exactly is the end product. If the client has taken reference from someone else then they of course would expect more or similar to the previous service. That is why it is better to set all the terms clearly before going ahead.

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