What Can You Do With Your Old Digital Camera

So you just got a new digital camera. Congratulations! What are you planning to do with your old digital camera? Many people just forget about it burying it in a drawer or somewhere around the house. There are better things to do with it, here are a few.

Digital cameras evolve all the time. New cameras have more megapixels, they have better lenses, electronics and software. It is very common to get a new digital camera every few years and sometimes even more often than that. Every time you buy a new digital camera you need to make a decision as to your old one.

You have many options for what to do with your old digital camera. Here are a few:

Put is aside: the simplest thing to do is just to put the digital camera somewhere in the house and forget about it. Many of us do just that. This is not the best solution though as your are wasting a perfectly good product.

Use it as backup: you can use your old digital camera as a backup for your new one. If your new digital camera breaks you can revert to the old one. Another option is to keep the old digital camera in a place where you would not normally store your camera. For example you can keep the old digital camera in the car. You can safely do that since you are less sensitive to the old camera getting damaged or stolen. By doing that you can take pictures when opportunity strikes and you do not have your new camera with you.

Give it as a gift: give your old digital camera to someone who can use it. For example give it to your kids or to other family members. Usually you would want to choose someone who can use it and for whom using your old digital camera will be a step forward relative to what they are using now.

Sell your old digital camera: One obvious option is to sell your old digital camera. Depending on how old it is and its condition you can get a nice sum of money for it. Getting any money is better than just throwing it away. You can sell it online on auction sites like eBay or you can use local classifieds.

Donate your old camera: you can donate your old digital camera to charity, to a local community center, to your kids’ school and more. With some donations you will be able to get a tax receipt so you can also get some money back as tax deduction.

Continue using your old digital camera: This option is not obvious. Why would you keep using the old digital camera when you just paid for a brand new one? There are many reasons. For example in some scenarios your old digital camera might be more appropriate. If for example your old digital camera is a small pocket one while your new digital camera is a big digital SLR there are times when you would not like to carry the big SLR around but you would still want to capture experiences on digital film. In such cases using the old camera is a good solution.

The way of thinking is that you did not replace your old digital camera but got a new digital camera that complements It. This is not relevant of course if you bought the same type of camera but with better features. For example this does not make sense if you bought a brand new digital pocket camera that looks the same as your old one but has more megapixels.

The most important thing is not to forget about your old digital camera just to find it uselessly thrown in a closet somewhere after a few years. Digital cameras like other consumer electronics devices age fast. Their value drops significantly after a few years. Be conscious about your old camera. You can use it for a while as a secondary camera, you can later on decide to sell it or donate it or to do something else with it.

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